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Bouncy Castle in the Park during the school holidays funded by EPIC Grant

The Friends of Dartmouth Park have been awarded a grant from EPIC to provide a Bouncy Castle during the school holidays free of charge. It will be available from 11am until 2pm on the following dates: 14, 16, 21, 23 and 28 August.

There is a person supervising the Bouncy Castle at all times whilst it is in the Park.

Yoke van der Meer generously gives Dartmouth Park
plants she has grown herself

Horticulture has been Yoke's career since the early eighties after starting off learning and practicing Floristry in her native Holland. Mike Poulton of Sandnats very kindly mentioned the Friends of Dartmouth Park's Sensory Garden to Yoke, when, having grown many plants, she wanted to donate and plant some of them where they would be loved and cared for.

She visited the Park on two Fridays in June when the volunteer gardeners were working and planted a variety of salvias she had grown at her Nursery. They included Salvia dorisiana or Tutti Frutti Sage, Rosemary, Artemisia, Sweet William, Salvia coccinea ‘Snow Nymph’, London Pride’ Hollyhock, and French Marigold.

We then had the very hot dry spell, which was hard on the plants, but with the recent rain they are flouishing again. Below the bed being planted in June and after the rain we have experienced recently

'The History of Brewing in West Bromwich
and the most successful brewer Darby's '
Book Launch at the Heritage Brewery Centre, Burton
Project funded by the Heritage Lottery

The final stage of this Heritage Lottery Funded Project was the book launch held on Tuesday 23 July at the Heritage Brewery Centre in Burton. We have already saved, restored and re-sited the Darby’s Ale Ghost Sign from a demolition site. We have had a Blue Plaque put on what was The Bush Inn where Darby’s first started brewing, and on the 23rd July we launched a book telling the story of Darby’s brewing heritage, together with the story of the rise and decline of the brewing industry in West Bromwich. The Friends of Dartmouth Park hope that this book can stand alongside Terry Price’s and Robin Pearson’s wonderful books on West Bromwich.

We chose the Heritage Brewery Centre for the launch as it is the perfect place to celebrate the brewing industry. It evokes memories of the glorious days of brewing and the brewery companies whose brands were known and enjoyed all over the world.

We were met by National Brewery Heritage Trustees - Harry White, Chair of the Trustees, Terry Crichley, Bob Heaver and Valerie Burton, who made us very welcome. A special guest was Louise Darby, whose father Richard had once worked in the family business, but had decided to become a farmer when the business was bought by M&B.

The book has 114 pages and covers:

The History of the growth of
West Bromwich during the Industrial Revolution

Brewing becomes an industry

Darby's Brewery Limited

The Saving of the
Darby's Ale Sign

West Bromwich -
The Chicago of the Midlands


Charles Darby received a copy of the book and said be was honoured that the history of his family's connection with brewing had been put on record.

He also said when Darby's Brewery was at its height West Bromwich was a thriving town with a famous High Street, known as the Golden Mile, and many famous companies producing goods that were known around the world.

Louise Darby, was about to start her speech, when Charles had obviously said something that made us laugh. She recovered and said she was delighted to be with us and that her father, Richard, Charles' cousin, would be waiting for her at home to hear all about the day. She had taken lots of photographs to bring the event to life for him.

Chairman of the Trustees, Harry White, gave a speech which included reference to Charles's successful career with Bass, Mitchells & Butlers.

He also spoke about the Heritage Trust's Crowd Funding initiative to raise funds to enable them to have a website which would give access to the many items relating to the brewing industry which they didn't have room to display in the Centre.

Following lunch Mr White gave some of us a personal tour of the Centre. Other members of the group went on a tour led ny a guide.

Charles signs some of the books watched by trustees Harry White and Terry Critchley.

Looking on amused is Robin Pearson, who is an author of many books about West Bromwich, including one which makes reference to Darby's Pubs.

I appear to be doing my Tommy Cooper impression whilst chatting to the trustees.
Part of the group starting out on their tour of the Museum with a guide.
Before our tour started Charles, myself, and Pauline and Dennis Lawley, couldn't resist stopping off to see the beautiful Shire Horses. They are kept on a farm when they're not required at the Centre.
Photographs taken by Chris Holloway and Louise Darby, except the group photograph. Chris also painted the picture of Dunkirk Brewery which is on the front cover of the book.

Photographs from Saturday's Armed Forces Day by Seumas Kelly

On Saturday 29 June, The Mayor of Sandwell, Cllr. Ann Jaron and the Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands, Gurpeet Bhatia, attended the Armed Forces Day celebrations in Dartmouth Park.

Following the ceremonials there was entertainment on the bandstand and much needed refreshments were available as it was a very hot day. The Friends of Dartmouth Park opened the Cafe in the Pavilion, which was greatly appreciated by the visitors to the Park. A big thank you to Yvonne and Margaret for manning the Cafe and Selwyn, John and Mark (pictures on the right) for their help in setting up the Friends of Dartmouth Park stall.


A big Thank You to #NationalLottery
Players for their support in making
our grant of £22,560 possible

We are delighted to announce that the Friends of Dartmouth Park have received a grant of £22,560 from the National Lottery's Community Fund to provide activities, events and entertainment in the Park over two years for the benefit of all age groups.

Watch this space for announcements of the exciting things we propose to do for the local community over the next two years .




Contact Address: Carol Hartill
Secretary of the Friends of Dartmouth Park
c/o 2 Sandwell Road North, West Bromwich, B71 4JB
Tel: 0121 588 4747 / e-mail: carolh.fodp@btinternet.com
Tel 0121 525 5524 / e-mail: annette_welch@sky.com


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