Friends of Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich
Patron: 10th Earl of Dartmouth

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Students from Halesowen College volunteer in the Park
on a cold December Day


Uking Wolves, a Ukulele Band from Wolverhampton,
give us a splendid afternoon of entertainment
Some members of the band travelled from as far as Bridgnorth to play for us and we had a lovely afternoon of music. There were Carols to hit songs from every era, so something for everyone. Seumas Kelly provided a wonderful selection of prizes for the raffle and Jackie from the Bowling Club did us proud with interval refreshments. A big thank you to everyone involved who braved the snow to support us.

A bright November afternoon for the Dartmouth Park
Health Walk. We meet as 2pm by the Main Gates to the
Park on Mondays.


This is Isla who came with her mother Lucy to help the volunteer gardeners. She was very good at weeding.


Groundwork UK Volunteers help our volunteer gardeners at their Friday morning gardening session


Children's Activities in the in the Community Room in the Park during the August school holidays

On the right Mia and Ebony ensuring the Community Room is spotless for the children who will be using the room for another session of activities during the August holidays.

Sandwell Visually Impaired (SVI) is looking for volunteers

Sandwell Visually Impaired (SVI) is looking for volunteers to spend an hour or so each Thursday to guide our blind and partially sighted members around Dartmouth Park. SVI members are proud of our work with the Friends of Dartmouth Park on the sensory garden and the recently relaunched interpretation board. Can you help us safely ‘see’ more of this beautiful park? We’ve started up a small, group walk on Thursdays at 12 noon, setting off from the main park gates. Come along and give it a try. You’ll learn how to guide a blind person…and make new friends! Travel expenses will be paid. Give us a call on 0121 525 4810 or email  to find out more, or just turn up on Thursday for an informal chat with us.

We’re starting walks at Haden Hill and Lightwoods Park too


The Friends of Dartmouth Park's Health walkers meet
Monday afternoons at the Reform Street Entrance at 2pm

The 14 June was warm and sunny and some of the walkers decided to have a leisurely walk around the Park studying the various trees to try to identify them from their leaves. We had been given a sheet to work from and found it interesting

We didn't realise the other walkers were waiting for us and we decided to have a break in the children's play area. I hope they didn't wait too long!



Gayton Road Computer Group decide to get together in the Sensory Garden to make plans for when the Community Centre opens again after the lockdown

The Friends encourage the pupils of Eaton Valley Primary School to grow plants in their classroom

Annette, who organises the volunteer gardeners in the Park, read in her gardening magazine "the plants we nurture indoors can do wonders for our mental and physical wellbeing, which is why there is such a drive to get them into offices, schools and other communal places." This information gave her the idea of giving young plants to her local school for them to grow in their classrooms and it has been a great success as you can see from the photographs and thank you message.


During the lockdown some of our volunteer gardeners have been working hard to maintain the Sensory Garden and the triangular bed. Now lockdown is easing a little, if you would like to help call into the Park on a Tuesday or Friday morning and have a chat with the volunteers.


We have been very busy engaging with all age groups in the Community


Plaque in memory of members of the Armed Forces who have lost their lives in recent conflicts in a rose bed near the Car Park gates


Friends of Dartmouth Park Health Walk
Some of the walkers enjoyed a rest after the walk
Whatever the weather we meet at 2pm every Monday at the
Reform Street Entrance to the Park.
Why not join us?